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5 Biggest Achievements Of Sanju Samson So Far


Sanju Samson is a talented Indian cricketer who has achieved many milestones throughout his career. Here are some of his biggest achievements to date:

Indian Premier League (IPL) records:

Sanju Samson has been a consistent performer in the IPL, and he holds several records to his name. In the 2019 season, he became the youngest player to score a century in the IPL, and he also holds the record for the fastest century by a wicketkeeper-batsman in the league. He has also been awarded the Man of the Match award several times in IPL and has been a consistent performer for Rajasthan Royals, his team in IPL.

Image Source - NDTV Sports

International debut:

Sanju Samson made his international debut for India in 2015, and this was a significant achievement for him. He had been performing well in domestic cricket for several years and was finally given the opportunity to showcase his talent on the international stage.

First-class cricket records:

Sanju Samson has also performed well in first-class cricket. He holds the record for the most runs by a wicketkeeper-batsman in the Ranji Trophy, which is India's premier domestic first-class cricket tournament. He also holds the record for the most number of centuries by a wicketkeeper-batsman in the tournament.

Image Source - The Economic Times

Representing India in major tournaments:

Sanju Samson has also represented India in several major tournaments, including the T20 World Cup, the Asia Cup, and the Indian Premier League. This is a significant achievement as it demonstrates that he is considered to be one of the best cricketers in India and is trusted to perform at the highest level.


Sanju Samson was appointed as the captain of Kerala in 2019 for the 2019-20 Vijay Hazare Trophy. This was a big achievement for him, as he was leading his state team in the premier domestic One Day tournament of India. In conclusion, Sanju Samson has had a very successful career so far. He has achieved many milestones, including breaking records in the IPL, making his international debut, performing well in first-class cricket, representing India in major tournaments, and being appointed as a captain of his state team. These achievements demonstrate that he is a talented and accomplished cricketer who has the potential to achieve even more in the future