5 Youngsters Rohit Sharma Must Support

5 Youngsters Rohit Sharma Must Support: Confidence is key for any player to excel at the international level. Apart from a cricketer’s individual efforts, he or she will also need the support of the atmosphere around them. One of the key components of the outside environment is the skipper.

India’s T20I team is undergoing a minor transition and there are many new cricketers coming through. A few of them will want the captain to back them. Even Rohit Sharma could become a fine cricketer after the likes of MS Dhoni supported him. Hence, he is also likely to stand behind a few players. In this article, we take a look at five recent debutantes who need Rohit Sharma’s support to do well in their careers.

1) Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan is one of the recent debutantes who need Rohit Sharma’s support to have a long outing with Team India. The squad is filled with openers and Kishan may not find opportunities consistently. Hence, whenever he fails in the rare chances that he gets, pressure is certain to mount on him.

Hence, Rohit Sharma must help so that Ishan gets sufficient chances to show his skills. The skipper has seen him a lot of Mumbai Indians, and Ishan has done exceedingly well. Ishan belongs to the breed of fearless batsmen, and India needs such players. The right backing is required for the Jharkand man to realise his potential.

2) Venkatesh Iyer

Venkatesh Iyer recently made his debut for Team India. The lack of a good backup for Hardik Pandya has hurt India in recent months. Hence, Venkatesh is likely to be given a lot of chances to play for India.

Of course, Iyer may not fulfil expectations at times and could be compared every time with Hardik. It needs to be noted that he is an opener and must adapt to his role in the middle-order. Rohit Sharma can support the youngster by helping him do that and also having confidence in the player.

3) Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel is one of the recent debutantes who need Rohit Sharma’s support to establish a spot in Team India. Although he has been successful, due to his age, Harshal may not be given a long rope if he has a few tough games. India usually concentrates on investing in young talent, and since Harshal is already 30, they may not offer him a lot of time.

Here is where Rohit Sharma should step in. We have witnessed cricketers doing well despite starting late. Harshal is a death bowler and it is a profile that could see failure sometimes. If Rohit can trust Harshal’s skills, he can do well for Team India.

4) Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant has already cemented his spot in all three formats of the game. However, for him, there is too much competition with the likes of Ishan Kishan lurking around. Yes, he must be at his best, but he could be subject to some unfair criticism.

Also, Pant is the kind of player who can be very risky. However, the rewards could be immense. Rohit Sharma must value this aspect and make sure that Pant never gets under pressure that could affect his game.

5) Varun CV

Just like Harshal Patel, the age issue is there with Varun CV, as well. The Tamil Nadu spinner went wicketless at the 2021 T20 World Cup which further put doubts on his credentials as a reliable bowler at the international level.

Varun CV collected more than 15 wickets in two continuous IPL seasons. He has got some elite batsmen out, as well. Yes, he must improve on his fitness, but he needs the backing of the captain to stay motivated in his job.

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