A New Rule Has Been Introduced For IPL 2021 In UAE

Despite the best of measures and efforts to keep things safe from the marauding virus, the Indian Premier League fell apart in its tracks after the bubble was breached.


It seemed decent until the opening half but as soon it crossed the 7-matches mark, players and staff started testing positive left and right. It started with Varun Chakravarthy and then was on the rise in no time.

The management did try to continue the fray without much ado but with so much on the line and the situation aggravating every single, it seemed hopeless. BCCI intervened and decided to halt the tournament midway.

Finally after much discussions and situation-assessment, the tournament was decided to be shifted to UAE and it was scheduled to happen in September.

With everything said and done, BCCI has introduced a new rule for the remaining IPL. Going by the tweet of Mufaddal Vohra, it reads, “No players in the rescheduled IPL will be allowed to share their drinks, food items, bottles, towels with other players in the field of play.”

This rule will be accompanied with the already existing rules and regulations in order to ensure that even if there is an iota of chance for the virus to pervade that must be averted at all cost.

The remainder of the IPL will also play the stage for India’s practice just ahead of the T20 World Cup which will also happen in UAE and Oman.

Going by the current league standings, Delhi Capitals is stationed at the ace with 6 wins from 8 matches while Chennai is in hot pursuit. Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad claim the last two spots after an infernal show until now.

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