Aakash Chopra Trolled Parthiv Patel In A Very Funny Tweet

Aakash Chopra has been one of the most clinical cricketing analysts in the recent days that the game has ever seen. Despite his fiasco as an Indian opener, Chopra managed to build quite a name for himself with the mic.


He picked up a remarkable war of words with Kiwi all-rounder, Jimmy Neesham and ended up on a prolific high, manifesting himself as one of the commentary greats.

As IPL 2021 has so far been a power-packed tournament that has exhibited a few rollicking games until now which starred a couple of closely-contested clashes, lots of thrillers and definitely a few lopsided emphatic showdowns, the commentators have also made it a delightful treat for the spectators.

However, even the ones giving us that much fun deserves a boatload of entertainment amongst themselves.

In one such funny tweet, Aakash Chopra scaled the heights of himself, RP Singh and Parthiv Patel. The tweet read, “Large. Medium. Small”.

Three names in this tweet has left a more or less salient impact on the cricketing fraternity. RP Singh was one of the most extraordinary components of the 2007 T20 World Cup winning team that saw him post one rippling performance after the other.

Aakash Chopra managed to play a significant part of his career as an established Test batsman next to Virender Sehwag, providing the Sultan of Multan the much-needed room for aggression.

Parthiv Patel was also an imperative moniker in the ranks of the international team that saw him making quite an illustrious name for himself as a wicket-keeper and an opening batsman.

Three former legends of the Indian team lined themselves up for a significant post that would keep the fans entertained for an even bigger occassion as IPL has entered into a patch of two back to back boring games since yesterday.

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