Three Teams That Will Go After Arjun Tendulkar In IPL 2021 Auction

As IPL will finally see the introduction of Sachin Tendulkar’s son, Arjun Tendulkar, the first question that will be doing vehement rounds amongst the cricketing zealots of the nation is which franchise will be going for this youngster? Of course, it is too early for us to predict which team will be dabbling in the auction to rope this left-arm seamer, however, we can take a lighter dig at three teams that can go for the scion of the myth.

Arjun Tendulkar

There are three things that will come into play when someone decides to rope in Arjun Tendulkar. Firstly, it will come with nationwide support as the world connects with the title of ‘Tendulkar’ from the very core of the heart. Hence, whichever team ropes him in will be looking forward to notching up the support of the world that will flip their commercial scales much higher up the rungs of the success ladder.

Secondly, his introduction will provide the team with an instrumental left-arm seamer who is capable of batting significantly down the tail. Thereby, instead of buying a bowler, the team will be purchasing an all-rounder, a bowling all-rounder, nevertheless.

Thirdly, alongside Arjun Tendulkar comes Sachin Tendulkar into the play and the stadium will never go empty. Especially with people returning from Corona to a normal world, they would love to feel the heat of the game alongside the love for the icon too.

We will now see three teams that may seem interested in picking up the budding youngster.

  1. Mumbai Indians

As Sachin started and ended his IPL campaign for the Men in Blue, it will be expected that Mumbai Indians will be interested to carry on the legacy of Tendulkar in their ranks. The primary reasons for the same will be the homecoming of the young lad, the return of Tendulkar to the cricketing roster and finally, their knack in honing raw youngsters into priceless talents can lead them to bring in the likes of Arjun Tendulkar.

  1. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Bangalore has been perennially connected with choking in the dying embers over and over again. One of their primary reasons for failure has been the lack of a successful fast bowler towards the fag end of the innings. This has led them to leak countless runs in those last overs, costing them several matches. The introduction of Arjun Tendulkar can give them an opportunity to bring on a budding fast bowler who can bring them the missing glory. Also, the last time they decided to onboard a youngster before him kissing international glory, evolved into Virat Kohli.

  1. Chennai Super Kings

With Dhoni and Raina slowly stuttering to their dusk, Chennai would need a lot more than proper replacements to fill those two voids. Also, once Dhoni steps down from the mantle, popularity will be a hard thing for the Kings to come by. Hence, this may be a shot for them to gazump the young Tendulkar and prepare him for the oncoming days. The convergence of Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni can be absolutely astronomical.

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