Sarfaraz Ahmed Takes A Dig At Indian Fans Who Trolled Him For Singing ‘Mauka Mauka’

Pakistan Cricket team skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed finally opens up about how Indian media charged up on him when he sang the popular song ‘Mauka Mauka’ after winning the 2017 Champions Trophy.
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Well, here’s a little background for those who are not aware with the epic history of this song ‘Mauka Mauka’. This jingle was created as a part of the advertisement campaign by Star Sports during the time of 2015’s World Cup. In this advertisement, a Pakistani fan can be seen waiting for an opportunity to burst firecrackers and celebrate the win of Pakistan over India since many years.
However, this jingle soon became a sensation and went viral and the channel ended up making a series of this advertisement. Since then this has been used everytime, India and Pakistan are playing against each other. Not just the channel but Indian fans also use this advertisement fully to troll the Pakistani fans.
But in the year 2017 when Pakistan ended up grabbing the champions trophy by defeating India in the finale, the Pakistani captain ended up singing this song when his fans were gathered outside his house, which however was not taken well by the Indian cricket fans but was loved by the Pakistani cricket fans.
The Indian media made many headlines because of this act by the captain of Pakistan cricket team.
Now, after an year, he has finally opened up about the same and has slammed the Indian media. He said:
“The way they created a sensation out of me singing Mauka Mauka was hilarious,” .
He added:
You’ve been making fun of us with this song for so many years–so what if I sang it only one time?”
He also talked about the social media sites where the Indian fans trolled him brutally, he said:
“I was tagged everywhere with that clip of the bulletin in which their anchors were slamming me for singing that song.” 
He also compared Virat Kohli and other Indian cricketers with him, he said:
“People like it when Kohli does it. But if we do it, then there is trouble,”
“They’re not playing club cricket. Even a child knows there are 24 cameras installed there and everything is visible,” he added.
Well, the world cup will begin next year and we can’t wait to sing ‘Mauka Mauka’ again.

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