Top 5 Fastest Bowlers In India At The Moment

The first two matches of Indian Premier League 2020 have brought out the best in a few bowlers, especially the likes of Indian fast bowlers like Navdeep Saini and Mohammad Shami. In the wake of the carnage that is being left behind by the fast bowlers, we will look at India’s fast bowling options, five of them who run the fastest riots in the 22 yards.

Jasprit Bumrah

Current playing for Mumbai Indians, Bumrah did not have a good game in the IPL opener when Rayudu hammered him significantly. However, he is currently the fastest of the lot as he regularly clocks his yorkers at 145 plus kays. More importantly, he can bowl those nasty bouncers that kiss the helmets of the batsmen to leave them dazed and fazed. It is believed that he too will make a strong comeback in the next game as Mumbai faces Kolkata Knightriders on 23rd September.

Mohammad Shami

He may not be the fastest but he is one of the most lethal pacers in the Indian ranks. He bowls at 140 plus frequently and he mixes those balls with some imperative swing that left the Delhi batsmen in a lot of pain. He can also bounce the ball b a significant bit which is too hard for the batsmen to deal with. To add to his feathers, the batsmen will always have to be on their toes. One moment of brashness can cost them their wicket.

Navdeep Saini

The young fast bowler made his way to the national team after he impressed in the preceding edition of IPL. He was exciting, reckless, and ruthless. He can continuously bowl at menacing speed of 148 plus kays and he is also the owner of a wide array of deliveries that spans from nasty bouncers to swiveling in-swingers. Young and burly, Saini can be an asset to the Indian cricket team.

Umesh Yadav

Yadav had a forgetful night as Bairstow, Warner and Pandey took him to the cleaners with ease in RCB’s IPL opener. He was not able to hit the right line and that provided ample space and room for Warner and Bairstow to strike the ball anywhere they pleased. However, he is a lethal bowler as he can kiss the 150 marks too and he mixes them with a good amount of swing. His fastest until the date was 152.2 kmph that left the selectors in awe.

Ishant Sharma

Towering at 6 feet 5 inches, the lanky fast bowler can unleash hell from the clouds. Known as the nemesis of Ricky Ponting, Ishant showed it to the world that why exactly he was one of the most dangerous fast bowlers in India at the moment. He can clock at 140 on a consistent basis but he is pretty expensive in his pursuit of a wicket. He is more of a wicket-taking bowler than being a conservative economical option.

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