VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Chris Gayle And Amit Mishra

IPL 2017: Royal Challengers Bangalore’s (RCB) swashbuckling batsman Chris Gayle was forced to take matter in his own hands during their last match of IPL 2017 against Delhi Daredevils on Sunday.


Delhi’s leg-spinner Amit Mishra bowled a brilliant delivery that went past Gayle’s bat and straight into Rishabh Pant’s hand. Both, Mishra and Pant, appealed aggressively but the umpire didn’t seem too interested.

Mishra couldn’t believe it but the replay showed that Gayle didn’t edge it. It was the last ball of the over and while walking towards the other end, Gayle offered a friendly wrap around the Mishra, who was taken aback by the unexpected turn of event, tried to avoid the contact.


It was all in good humour! Watch it here:

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Chris Gayle And Amit Mishra 

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