Virat Kohli Issues A Strong Warning To All The Players Ahead Of IPL 2020

Virat Kohli led Royal Challengers Bangalore is one of the most popular franchises in the IPL and have a dedicated fan base. It has been 13 years since the inception of IPL, but RCB has not been able to win the IPL trophy. However, the team will be striving to win their first-ever IPL title after having reached the finals on the last three previous occasions (2009,2011 and 2016).


Meanwhile, as the tournament is being played during the ‘Corona times’, the players and staff of every franchise have to follow certain protocols in order to protect themselves from the Coronavirus infection.

On Monday, the skipper of RCB, Virat Kohli warned his colleagues’ during RCB’s first virtual team meeting, while asking them to follow protocols and remain inside the bio-bubble. He said:

“We have followed what’s been told to us and I would expect everyone to be on the same page in terms of securing the bubble at all times. And making sure that nothing is comprised because I think one mistake from any of us could literally spoil the whole tournament [IPL] and none of us want to do that,” 

He added:

“It might happen at a stage of the tournament where we can’t afford to lose that player. And if he does so and we get harmed by it, the whole team, the whole system, the whole culture loses,”

RCB’s director of cricket operations Mike Hesson, who was also present in the meeting also followed suit and explained the consequences of violating the protocols. He said:

“It (violation) will be dealt with very seriously. For accidental breach, players will be removed and sent into isolation for seven days and then come back only after he tests negative,” 

He added:

“There will be strong consequences if players chose to do that (violate protocols). Players will sign a document which explains the consequences.”

Furthermore, Virat Kohli talked about the importance of developing a good team culture from the first day. He said:

“I can’t wait to get to our first practice session, something that we all are going to cherish. An opportunity to create a good team culture from Day 1,” Kohli said.

“For me it’s all about what can I do to create an environment where everyone feels a part of the team equally and everyone feels responsible for where we want to go equally.

“And I think all of us have to contribute towards that – firstly, the seniors in the team. So lets start things on the right note.”

Unnati Madan

I love watching cricket but writing about it came unexpectedly.

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