Yuvraj Singh Slammed ICC For Distracting Youngsters From Real Cricket

Former India all-rounder and World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh is one of the most flamboyant cricketers that the Indian cricket has seen. The hard hitter was known for making India win matches single-handedly. His heroics during the two world cups – T20 World Cup in 2007 and 50-over WC in 2011 are still afresh in everyone’s mind.


Recently, in a podcast, Yuvraj Singh opened up about many things about the cricket world. During that podcast, Yuvraj Singh took a dig at the cash-rich league Indian Premier League (IPL), citing it as one of the main reasons for young cricketers getting distracted early in their career.

In the podcast, Yuvraj Singh accused the big money and lucrative deals of the Indian Premier League that are making the upcoming generation chose T20 format over any other format of the game.

As per Yuvraj Singh, the next pool of youngsters were getting groomed for IPL instead of preparing themselves for their states. He said:

IPL offers big money and it takes away the focus (from the youngsters). Not the current lot. They want to play Tests but the younger lot, who play one-day cricket mostly, their focus is to play IPL and not four-day cricket for the states.”

Furthermore, Yuvraj Singh criticized youngsters for not respecting their seniors. He stated that respect for seniors has gone below as compared to the last many years. He said:

From the interaction with the youngsters, you realize that they can do with more respect for the seniors. It is not the same that we gave to our seniors. There has to be a certain amount of respect towards the seniors, who have taught you so much.”

Meanwhile, the Indian Premier League has been suspended till 14th April

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