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Hugh Jackman has a special message for Virat Kohli


Australian actor Hugh Jackman is a very big fan of Indian captain Virat Kohli and he was all praise for him in an interview to India Today. Jackman said that he loves Kohli’s out of the box thinking style.

“Virat Kohli is amazing. You know what I love about him is that he thinks out of the box, he seems to absolutely love what he is doing. I mean I get the sense that you’re Steve Smith, you are the captain of Australia, there is a huge weight of responsibility of the whole country and I think it pales in comparison to what it must be like the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, a billion people you know and it means so much to so many people and I just take my head off,” Hugh Jackman told India Today.

“You know what else I love about Indian cricketers is that I notice that they respect and love their fans. I take inspiration from that because I respect and love the fans knowing that I would not be sitting here if it weren’t for Wolverine.”

Hugh Jackman also recorded a message for Indian cricket fans in which he said that cricket is his favourite sport. He also took a slight dig ate Indian cricket fans by reminding them of the massive defeat in the first Test in Pune. Watch it here:

“Namaste to all my fans in India!! Do you guys know that cricket is my favourite sport? And what a great journey you and your cricket team have been going through in the last few years! Your superheroes have been overpowering all the teams in the world.

“But my Aussie mates have just got the better of your team in the first match….eh…(Wink) But I know that the Indian team is gonna play bold… bolder than ever…cause that’s what superheroes do…that’s what Logan does,” Hugh Jackman said in the video promoting his upcoming movie Logan.

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