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“I don’t want to see another Virender Sehwag In My Boys”

Virender Sehwag is one of the most fearless opening batsmen India ever had. The former cricketer, who retired from cricket officially in 2015, remains one of the most game-changing batsmen of all time.


His fearless attacking style helped the Indian cricket team to chase down difficult looking targets with ease and kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Source- India Today
Source- India Today

Coming from a humble background, the former cricketer struggled a lot to fulfill his dreams. Now when he has achieved almost everything that he wanted to, he is focused on turning his father’s dream into a reality. Currently, he runs his Sehwag International School in Jhajjar, Haryana, where Virender Sehwag often visits and guides youngsters.

The cricketer is leaving no stone unturned to provide the students with quality education and facilities at his school. Talking about the students at his academy, Virender Sehwag said:

Cricket has given me everything that I have. When was I trying to break into the Delhi league circuit, I often traveled a couple of hours from Najafgarh, a place where I was born and brought up. Cricket continues to give me my bread and butter and it’s time to give back to society. The students eat the same. Good food is a must for healthy living. Everything now is adulterated,

A lot of time goes to the children at my academics and school. If at least one or two of them can make it to the IITs, become a famous doctor or play for India, I would have done some service to society. I will then happily pass on the baton,” 

Source - //www.pinterest.com/pin/448952656603056231/
Source – //www.pinterest.com/pin/448952656603056231/

Virender Sehwag also guides his sons – Aryaveer and Vedant. Virender Sehwag also said that he don’t want to see his kids becoming another Sehwag. He said:

I don’t want to see another Virender Sehwag in them. They can become a Virat Kohli or a Hardik Pandya or an MS Dhoni. But they don’t have to cricketers. They are free to choose their careers and we will help them achieve as far as possible. But the bottom line is to become good human beings. That’s non-negotiable.”

He added:

“Aryavir is going to be 13 next year and teenagers are not easy to control. We spend as much time as possible with our children. When I was traveling, I missed them a lot. We realize that when children grow up, they will not spend any time with you. So, this is our best time,”

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