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India’s World Cup Winning Cricketer Munaf Patel Has Started His ‘Unusual’ Second Innings

Imagine having to manage on a salary of Rs. 7 a day. That’s exactly how much Munaf Patel’s father earned as a small-time farmer in Ikhar, a village in Gujarat.



Patel was brimming with fast bowling talent but never had the opportunity to showcase his skill until his later teen years. He was working in a marble factory, earning just about Rs. 35 a day.

Munaf Patel is a name that is familiar amongst Indian fans. He was one of the fast bowlers in the Indian team during the famous 2011 World Cup victory. Munaf is known to be a quiet, docile individual who has not let the cricketing life take away humility from him.

Still a village man:

Despite having played for India at the highest level, Munaf still stays in his village and relaxes. He does not have any qualms about helping those who are financially in need. Munaf was encouraged by his friend Yusuf to quit his job and focus on his bowling.


Spurred on, Yusuf purchased Munaf’s kit and everything that was required for him to become a successful bowler. Munaf took the opportunity and never looked back, playing a crucial role in many of India’s victories over the years. After an injury, Munaf returned to his village and is not looking to go ahead and get back into the jet-setting life that he was once part of.

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