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Virat Kohli Explains Why Mohammed Amir Is One Of The Toughest Bowlers In The World

Virat Kohli, the leader of the men in blue brigade is a charmer both on the field and off the field. While his on the field avatar is so intense and so much involved in the game his off the field version is just the opposite. While he personifies every iota of professionalism leading team India or leading big run chases he is as candid as it gets when off the field.



The most beautiful thing about Kohli is that he never shies away from learning and improves with every game. He has evolved himself to be the best even though he had his share of weak zones when he made it to the team. One more thing that makes you drool over him is that he is never reluctant to extend credits to other players even when they aren’t from the same team. It takes a big heart to appreciate players from other teams and Kohli does have this big heart along with big batting averages across formats.

Is there a bowler who makes Virat nervous? 

Virat doesn’t let his on the field tussles with bowlers and other players reflect in his off the field relations with them. This is where he is so mature and sorted in his approach. He was recently seen on a candid talk show hosted by another man who redefines being professional, Amir Khan on Zee TV. He in the interview admitted that if there is ever a bowler which he finds the best or who makes him go nervous then it is the speedster Mohammad Amir. (WE THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY ANUSHKA WHO COULD EVER MAKE HIM FEEL NERVOUS)

He said that while facing the Pakistan speedster one has to be on the top of his game or else Amir will take the better with you. This we are sure would have sent smiles across the border for a batsman of Kohli’s stature appreciating a bowler and admitting that he fears Amir a little is the greatest compliment ever for Mohammad Amir.


He was all about appreciation for his Pakistani competitor and at no point in time was he any hesitant to say that Amir is a world class bowler and in fact during  the Asia Cup of 2016 too he was all praises for Amir and even gifted his bat to him and he did recall the same on the talk show. We wish the best batsman and the best bowler as per the best batsman a hefty friendship! Finally something good happened about the India Pakistan relations even though here the magnitude is as small as a whisker but still all smiles.

“Keeping in the mind the recent bowlers I have gone up against it has to Mohammad Amir of Pakistan. He is in the top two or three bowlers in the world and the toughest bowlers I have played in my career. He is one of those bowlers who demands that you bring your ‘A’ Game while facing him. Or he will strike. Outstanding! Very good bowler!”

Virat Kohli had previously praised Mohammed Amir during the Asia Cup in 2016 and also gifted his bat to the Pakistani bowler.

“I would like to complement Mohammad Amir for the way he bowled. I actually congratulated him while he was bowling. I was so happy to play such an amazing spell. He is a world class bowler,” Kohli had said.

Image source: Twitter.com
Image source: Twitter.com

Amir had also acknowledged Kohli’s lavish praise.

“Kohli’s praise made my day. It was generous of him what he said for me. It’s the sort of encouragement that you need and when it comes from a superstar like Virat, it means a lot. On the other hand, it’s a big challenge for me as well because it adds to my responsibility to prove that I am worth that praise. Even before the match, he used some good words for me. It was very kind of him,” said Amir.



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