4 Longest Sixes Smashed By Bowlers

It is always a delightful ecstatsy to watch bowlers weild heroics with their bat as they are a lot more entertaining and they can actually bring much more life to the game.


Not really afraid of the finality of a ball, they free their arms and attack the bowler, not contemplating about the fact that every possible delivery bowled can deracinate his stumps or leave him disgruntled in several different ways.

In this piece we are going to look at four longest sixes those were struck by bowlers all across the world.

1. Brett Lee:

Astonishing everyone, the man who commands the mantle in this list is none other than Australian fast bowler, Brett Lee. In a 2005 Test match between Australia and West Indies, Lee hammered Darren Powell for one of the most gigantic sixes that must have easily crossed 130 meters. In fact at times, this massive hit is also compared with other biggies of the sport.

2. Praveen Kumar:

Another surprising contender to enter this list is Praveen Kumar, the hot-headed medium pacer who brought Australia down on their knees to seal the CB Series.

This six that we would talk about happened in a domestic affair, as Kumar whacked Lasith Malinga’s yorker for a whopping 124 meters.

Kumar used to be an occassional opener in his domestic stints and it isn’t surprising that he could smack the ball for a considerable amount of distance.

3. Albie Morkel:

The South African fast bowler who is mainly deemed as a bowling all-rounder, could have easily lofted bowlers for titanic sixes in any corners of the park. A man whose best efforts in 2007 T-20 World Cup couldn’t see the light of the day as his remaining team members crumbled like a house of cards in no time, is the third in this list.

However, his batting heroics were very limited and in one such foray for Chennai Super Kings in the inaugral season of IPL, he clobbered a 125-meters-long sixer against Pragyan Ojha.

4. Zaheer Khan:

Zak’s batting flair is quite renowned across the cricketing canon as he went on to craft several match-defining innings for India.

The context that we are talking about doesn’t really highlight the dexterity possessed by Khan, wielding the bat.

In one hundinger occassion, he smashed Henry Olonga for a record 4 sixes in the final over of an ODI. This happened in the year 2000 when tracking devices weren’t there and hence mapping the distance was never a thought. However, Khan hammered the third six at least ten rows into the crowd which could have easily clocked a substantial 120-125 odd meters.

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