5 Reasons To Believe That King Kohli Is Back

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5 Reasons To Believe That King Kohli Is Back

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Virat Kohli finally managed to get back to form after a barren patch of three long years where he tried every possible thing in his control to bring out the heavy artillery but it simply wouldn’t work. He finally chose to go on a month-long break where he maintained distance from his cricketing bat and when he returned, he started giving out glimpses of the ones that we knew.

It started with a short knock of confidence against Pakistan, while it grew into belief against Hong Kong. It was another single-handed war against Pakistan before departing for a duck against Sri Lanka where the memories started flooding in again. And then happened tonight, the century.

Here are five reasons to believe that the King Kohli is back:

Virat Kohli 71st hundred

#1 Looked totally in control

He got lucky once when the catch bounced off across the ropes after an Afghan fielder stepped in a couple of yards more than he should have. But that was the only time where he looked out of control. The rest of the night it was display of the finest order where Virat played those mind-boggling strokes, bringing out the lofts, drives, pulls, hooks, cuts emphatically. The way he brought up his century was not in the nervous nineties but with two clean hits to leapfrog from the 90s to the 100s and it was an absolute smacker of a six to bring up the 71st international ton.

#2 Was challenging the bowlers

Unlike other days where Virat Kohli usually lets the other hard-hitters do the talking, tonight was Kohli’s. Every last ball of the over saw him flipping the sides and taking the strike in the next over. He didn’t disappoint either as he played a string of picture-perfect strokes and commanded the entire charge with a hunger in his eyes like never before.

#3 Was fearless

Didn’t seem rooted to the spot waiting for the loose balls to be coming his way. Whatever came his way was picked and smacked. Once Virat Kohli got hold of his footing, the Afghan bowlers could only wait and watch. There was absolutely nothing that they could do to stop this showdown.

#4 Was totally aware of the fielding that surrounded him’

Not even one of the strokes was misplaced and he was exploring gaps like none other. Well, thanks to the shorter boundaries too but those launches into the stands went deep by at least a good 30-rows back, hammering the Afghan bowlers who brought down Pakistan a night back, at will. It felt like a cannon at loose.

#5 Virat Kohli has started middling the ball again

For a batter it is extremely important to middle the ball and that one factor somehow felt extremely sparse for the King. He was starting the proceedings but was losing his ploy way too soon. That is one factor which has returned during the Asia Cup and tonight was one exemplary night of perfection where everything he struck was right from the sweet spot of his blade.