5 Reasons Why Sourav Ganguly is India’s best commentator

Like the way there is only one Sachin Tendulkar there is also one Ganguli. Only one Dada. Ganguly’s Dadagiri extends not only in the field but also in the commentary box. Here we look at 5 reasons why Ganguli is India’s best.

1. Straight Talk

Like his on field habit of playing it straight, Dada carries this trait into the small screen as well: in a good way. Not known to mince words and be politically correct, Sourav Ganguli can “call a spade a spade”. Greg Chappell has often been at the end of this spade and rightfully so. Have a look at this video:


2. Aggression

“Shahid Afridi has lost his mind.” This is what he had said about the erstwhile Pakistani allrounder while on air. Not many would dare to do something like this, considering the volatile nature of the Pakistanis.

3. Astute Analysis

Product of the way modern day cricket is played, Dada assesses the game like no one else. He can put most analysts (so called) on the spot by his counter and cross questioning. Here in this video he does exactly that. Have a look.

4. Sense of Humour


Known to have an unusual sense of humour, the prince of Calcutta is quite capable of delivering his own variety of slapstick comedy, especially when it comes to taking on former players. In this case the good ‘ol Geoffrey Boycott is at the receiving end.

5. Banter

Ever heard of sledging inside the com-box? Dadagiri is present not only on the field but off it as well. Not the one to back out from a verbal duel, here he takes on Rahul Dravid on why he was under bowled or was a better bowler than Sachin.





By Ashirbad Hazarika

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