5 Times Cricketers Trolled Their Critics On Twitter

Most of the cricketers around the world are very active on social media these days. Any bit of criticism that comes their way, they get to know about it very easily through twitter and some of the cricketers in the last few years have actually responded very strongly to their critics on twitter.

Here are the 5 instances where cricketers took to twitter to respond to the critics:

#1 Ravindra Jadeja vs Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjrekar, during the ODI World Cup 2019, had infamously called Ravindra Jadeja a “bits and pieces” player and not a proper all-rounder.

Jadeja didn’t like it at all and he was very quick to put out a tweet where he tagged Manjrekar and told him clearly that he should be respectful towards people.



#2 Jofra Archer vs Tino Best

Tino Best, who has himself been a fast bowler in the past, was not happy with the pace that Jofra Archer generated in the first innings of the first Test match played between England and West Indies in Southampton in July 2020.

Best wrote on twitter that he didn’t understand why Stuart Broad was dropped and Jofra was picked for that Test match. If pace was the reason, then Jofra was not bowling fast enough to justify it.

Jofra took a dig at Best in response to that tweet telling him if he had that much of knowledge about the game, he should have been a coach.



#3 Kieron Pollard vs Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjrekar was in the firing line here as well. It was during the IPL 2017 that he said something about Pollard on air which Pollard didn’t take very kindly.

But, it was actually a slight misunderstanding on Pollard’s part because Manjrekar had said nothing demeaning about Pollard when he was commentating.

Pollard actually thought that Manjrekar said he didn’t have enough brains to bat up the order. But, it wasn’t the case. Manjrekar cleared everything with Pollard personally after the Caribbean batsman lashed out at him on twitter.



#4 Shoaib Malik vs Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja has been of the opinion for a very long time now that Pakistan should look beyond their two senior players Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez and pick youngsters instead.

Malik, when he saw Ramiz suggesting the same thing in one of his quotes again, decided to respond to him on twitter and offered him an advice.

Malik told Ramiz that he wanted to play for a couple of more years and after a couple of years, he and Ramiz should retire together.

Malik was hinting towards Ramiz’s retirement from commentary which was hilarious.

#5 Mohammad Hafeez vs Ramiz Raja

Malik was not the only player who responded to Ramiz’s comments, Hafeez did that too. However, Hafeez did that a few weeks after Malik.

Hafeez didn’t take Ramiz’s name directly, but he said that people who have “personal agenda” should learn to behave as it’s not the time to spread any agenda when the world is going through a very difficult time.

Hafeez then later stated that it was his career and nobody could tell him when to retire. He would himself decide how long he has to continue playing and when he should retire.



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