9 Funniest Ravindra Jadeja Memes That Will Make You Laugh

2) What a great honour for the principal 

4) But how many centuries has he scored? 

5) Who says only AB  de Villiers has ‘supernatural’ powers? 


6) The real story behind ‘The Ashes’


7) Because taking selfies while awake is too mainstream! 


8) Who else can do this? NO ONE. 


9) ‘BAN-MAN’ Because Superman is too mainstream. 



Even the captain cool, MS Dhoni is a big fan of “Sir” Jadeja. Here are some of the most legendary “statements” on Sri Jadeja by MS Dhoni (on Twitter):


God realised RAJNI sir is getting old so he created sir ravindra jadeja

Sir jadeja once wanted to make a silt mountain to play as a kid now v all call it mt. Everest

Leaving for practice at 3pm but the stadium is coming so tht sir jadeja can practice

Whenever sir jadeja makes an error its an invention and on a daily basis v get plenty of those, all patent pending

Sir jadeja doesn’t run to take the catch but the ball finds him and lands on his hand

Wen sir jadeja drives his jeep, his jeep remains still and road moves and wen he goes in to bat the pavilion moves to the wkt

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