Adam Gilchrist to Meet Narendra Modi

source: cricketcountry.com
source: cricketcountry.com

Adam Gilchrist, Australia’s destructive opening batsman and arguably the best wicketkeeper to have ever played the game, is coming to India. Surprisingly, this is not is a cricket trip. He is coming all the way from Australia to meet India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The visit is planned in the next week as Narendra Modi is currently in Japan.
Gilchrist will accompany Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abott. The former Australian wicket keeper batsman, has always been a very lively character, both on and off the field and he was always been involved in several social and political activities for the welfare of Australia and also to the world as a whole.


Adam Gilchrist’s manager said “Gilchrist has been chosen as a part of the delegation. He has been a member to represent Wollongong University. I am not aware what discussions Gilchrist would be having with the Indian PM.”

From a cricket lover’s point of view, it’s great to see a former cricketer get involved in such good and progressive political talks. Adam Glichrist has a huge fan following in India, and the announcement of his meeting with Narendra Modi, has created a lot of excitement among his fans.

Adam Gilchrist, who retired from the game of cricket in 2008, posted the news about his meeting on his Twitter account. He will be accompanying Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on his maiden visit to India next week. The Australian PM will be meeting his Indian counterpart Modi to strenghten strategic and economic ties between the two countries discuss a variety of issues such as the uranium deal.



by Archit Athani 


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