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Australian Journalist Wanted To Wave Pakistan’s Flag Outside Sachin’s House. And This Made Indians Very Angry!


Every time India play against Pakistan, Twitter is one of the most entertaining places to be. Twitteratis from both the nations start their own battle of words and it is great fun reading their tweets. But, before India’s opening match of ICC Champions Trophy  2017 against Pakistan, an Australian journalist tweeted something that created a new funny storm on Twitter.

Australian journalist named Dennis Freedman (@DennisCricket_), who is known for his humorous tweets, wrote that if Pakistan wins against India, he will go to Mumbai and wave a Pakistani flag in front of Sachin Tendulkar’s house.

“If Pakistan win today, I’ll fly to Mumbai and wave a Pakistani flag in front of Sachin’s house

Dennis has a decent number of following on Twitter, from both the countries. His tweet became an instant hit among Pakistan cricket fans but didn’t go to well with Indian cricket fans. He got many funny replies and we have listed some of the best for you here:

1) This isn’t a bad advice at all.

2) Ouch! That was nasty

3) Mandatory Sir Jadeja tweet

4) Haha! This made us LOL!

5) Because trolling is incomplete without this man


7) #TweetOfTheDay

8) Conspiracy theory

9) Hurry cp, Mr. Freedman

10) Last but not the least!

P.S. Finally, Mr Dennis Freedman had to change his name to India Zindabad! 

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