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Champions Trophy 2017: 10 Funniest Jokes And Memes On India vs Pakistan

It’s here. The most anticipated match is here. #IndvsPak coz hashtag hee kaafi hai. 


When it’s India vs Pakistan, it’s not just limited to the game of cricket but much more. The epic clash is taking place at Edgbaston,in the ICC Champions Trophy and the excitement surrounding the match is immeasurable. Probably, it’s not the right time to tell Twitter to calm down because the fever is just unstoppable.

After all, the two teams will be facing each other for the first time since March 2015.

So, the sarcasm, thrill and curiosity are all bound to be. Here’s a glimpse of the virtual war over the internet about #IndvsPak. Have a look:

1. How can this go unnoticed

2. Horoscope of the day:

3. Rofl

4. Intense!

5. When opposition is too fast forward

6. “Dil thaam kar baithna” on point

7. Hillarious!

8. Such a genuine advice

9. Because homework is very important

10. When opposition cares about your efforts!


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