Open Letter To Ajinkya Rahane By An Indian Cricket Fan

Hey Jinx!

If cricket was a gentleman’s game, you’ve been the finest exponent of the philosophy in the India squad. Your calm, calculated and serene nature only adds a layer of splendour to an already well-rounded and supremely talented batsman and athlete. Your story is one of hard work and patience and it is very pleasant to see that you are reaping its rewards today.


There’s always been a case of “What has he done wrong?” when it comes to your selection for the Indian limited overs team. You have a sound technique and temperament and you have been performing at a very consistent level for the team for many years now. So why is there still doubt regarding your place in the team?

Wrong place at the right time:

With your case however, it seems to be a case of being at the wrong place at the right time. Indian cricket is on the up and the competition for places is immense in the limited overs format. This means that the others, including you, have been bringing out their best for these international encounters.

The only thing stopping you from being a regular starter at the top of the order is undoubtedly the form of Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. No offence to you, but the two of them have been on another planet off late, and it is hard to take them out.

That doesn’t mean that you will need to be disheartened. A man of the series win against West Indies and four consecutive 50+ scores against the Australians mean that you will still find your place in the squad. However, you must seriously consider finding a way to fit at number 4 or the middle order because the top is very hard to break into.

Keep at it:


The latest snub for the T20 series against Australia may have hurt a bit, but that doesn’t take anything away from the talent that you possess. Had it been any other international team at the moment, you would have breezed into the squad with no hassles. It’s just that India’s massive competition warrants the selectors to hand out chances to everyone.

Don’t feel bad. You’ve done enough to prove that you belong at the highest level and just like always, a little patience will go a long way.

Hoping for the best for the best,

An Indian cricket fan.

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