Ravi Shastri’s Politics Is Ruining Things For India

Team India’s selection of the playing XI in the Centurion Test has made fans wrathful. The question that now legitimately arises is that is there some sort of politics breathing inside the dressing room. Of course when we talk about politics in the team, it clearly points finger at head coach Ravi Shastri.


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The better question to ask is, if Ravi Shastri is bringing some politics into the dressing room. How Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been excluded from the playing XI and how Rohit Sharma has been persisted with makes this quest legitimate.


Why was Bhuvaneshwar Kumar excluded and what has Rahane not been added despite the dismal performance in the first test.

Is Ravi Shastri’s politics ruining India’s chances and disrupting the dressing room bonds? After Bhuvneshwar Kumar delivered such a clinical performance in the first test and led India’s Attack so well, why would a coach want him dropped from the playing XI. How can you drop the best weapon in your arsenal? Wouldn’t this require some politics?
Why Is Rahane sitting out?

Ajinkya Rahane will miss India's next two Tests against England after breaking his finger

Ajinkya Rahane is almost tailor made for the kind of pitches in South Africa. Rahane has good records overseas as well as against South Africa. Rohit Sharma got a chance in the first game and he failed miserably, rather he threw away his wicket. If Shikhar Dhawan was sacked for failing in the first test the why not Rohit Sharma?

As much as we would like to ignore this, but still something seems fishy in how India went about selecting its playing XI in the second test.

This seems like some kind of politics being played by the head coach. If there’s any politics being influenced than as we can see, it is hurting India badly.

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