Video: Ricky Ponting bowling to Rahul Dravid

Ricky Ponting is regarded as one of the finest batsman and captain of the game who has led his team to great heights through his intelligent captaincy and amazing batting but he has done some bowling too although he is not known for bowling but he has bowled more than 100 overs and taken 5 wickets including the wicket of batsmen like Brain Lara. During the 1st test of the 2005 Indian-Australian test series, Australia had the First innings lead of 274 runs while India coming to bat in their second innings lost some quick wickets but Rahul Dravid  stood at one end and frustrated the Australians while they tried to get him out, they tried many tricks but unfortunately none of them worked, Ricky Ponting in the end decided to get himself on the attack and he bowled a perfect delivery above the pace of 120 km/hr which pitched on good length and swung inwards and clicked Dravid’s pad, It seemed that Rahul Dravid had no idea what happened but Ricky Ponting’s appeal for lbw was turned down by the umpire. Ricky Ponting was a genuine medium pace bowler bowling between the speeds of 110 to 125 km/ph. He has also picked up 5 wickets including the famous wicket of Brian Lara in 2001.


Watch the video here:


Article written by Utkarsh Sachan

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