VIDEO: When Peter Nevill did a MS Dhoni against Sri Lanka

Australian wicketkeeper did a Dhoni in the third Test of the recently concluded series against Sri Lanka. Peter Nevill showed great presence of mind when he stumped Sri Lanka’s Dimuth Karunaratne. Karunaratne got beaten by a brilliant delivery by Nathan Lyon and he was a bit lazy in his footwork after getting beaten. Neville, who was carefully observing Karunaratne’s footwork, whipped the bails off at the right time to dismiss the batsman.


The replay showed Karunaratne’s foot was in the air and he was given out by the third umpire. There were mixed reactions to this stumping by Neville as many fans thoughts it is not in the spirit of the game. But, all said and done, it was a brilliant piece of work by Peter Neville and he was well within his right to appeal and claim the wicket.

VIDEO: When Peter Nevill did a MS Dhoni against Sri Lanka


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