Yuvraj Singh Took a Hilarious Dig At Ashish Nehra On Kevin Pietersen’s Instagram Post

Yuvraj Singh, the Indian cricketer is known for his sense of humor off the field. He is often seen pulling the legs of his  his teammates. There have been many stories on how Yuvraj Singh played a prank on his friends, in the past.



Although Yuvi might be struggling with his form on-the field but he hasn’t lost his spark yet and there are still hopes on him. And his funny antics are often seen on social media now, where he keeps trolling and pulling the legs of his teammates.

Recently, Yuvraj Singh took a dig at Ashish Nehra, who is a very close friend of Yuvraj Singh. He tagged Ashish Nehra in a very funny post on Instagram.


Well, Yuvi’s friend and former England cricketer, Kevin Pietersen uploaded a hilarious video on his Instagram account. In the video, the guy in the store can be seen trying out different shoes by running around wearing them. The complete activity looked very suspicious and therefore, the staff members followed the guy thinking he was running away with the shoes. The video was very funny and Kevin Pietersen then asked to tag a person who could do the same.

Here, have a look at the post of Kevin Pietersen :


The caption read:
Tag a mate that would do this?”

And to everyone surprised, Yuvraj Singh tagged the wife of Ashish Nehra, since he is not active on Instagram and took a dig at him. Kevin is yet to respond to the funny banter.

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