Harbhajan Singh Shared What Yuvraj Singh Told Him Two Days Before The World Cup Final

Cricketers will come and go, but no one will be like Yuvraj Singh. He is a true hero, a champion and a fighter. The stylish left-hander has given us countless moments of magic on the field. He was known for his thrilling shows and turning up in big matches.


His passion for the game can be witnessed with his brutal assault on Stuart Broad in India’s 2007 World T20 clash against England, when he smashed Stuart Board for six-sixes, that left everyone mesmerized. This was the moment when Yuvraj Singh stole the hearts of every Indian with his jaw-dropping knock.

Well, the heroics of Yuvraj Singh doesn’t stop here. Yuvraj’s dedication towards the game was seen during the finals of 2011’s World Cup when he vomited out blood but didn’t stop playing. All he wanted was the World Cup Trophy.


From vomiting out blood, chronic coughing to breathing issues,  Yuvraj Singh overcame them all and fought for the Trophy as his life depended on it.

However, he wasn’t keeping well in the last year before the World Cup. When Sachin Tendulkar noticed that he wasn’t himself, he told Yuvraj “When it matters, you will matter the most”

A night before the D-day, he was having trouble sleeping and feeling dizzy and all nervous. This was when team physio Nitin Patel came to his room to give him sleeping pills, Yuvraj told him: “He can take whatever he wants, take away my life, giving me pain . . . God, just give us the World Cup.”

On the match day, when Yuvraj Singh was feeling dizzy and vomiting out blood, umpire Simon Taufel asked Yuvraj if he wanted to leave the ground. Yuvraj said: “You can take me to the hospital if I fall or collapse, until then, I am staying.” 

And he gave his career’s best performance in the match. The whole nation was praying for him, shedding tears for him. World Cup never meant so much before this. 362 runs – including 1 century and 4 fifties – and 15 wickets made him the Player-of-the-Tournament.

A few years later during the launched his book. Yuvraj Singh opened up about his emotions on that phrase of his life:

“It’s very hard to describe the feeling once you get to know that you have been diagnosed with the disease. My core system – my friends, family, especially mother – and teammates supported me, and playing international cricket after that was a great challenge,” 

I have no regret [taking a huge risk to own body] as I won the World Cup. Given another chance I would have done the same. It was a terrible feeling when I got to know of cancer after the World Cup. It was like falling from the highest mountain to a ditch”


Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing legend revealed:

When I went to meet him in London, I was telling my wife that I don’t want to break down when I see him. I met him and gave him a tight hug. We enjoyed a meal and from the way he ate, I was convinced that he is back on track,”

Harbhajan Singh also opened up about his emotions on the same, he said:

During his illness, I never spoke on that subject and I’d always ask about the girl he was going to date when he’d be back after treatment and if he’d introduce her to me,”

Kohli chipped in: “He didn’t want anyone to feel shocked and whenever we used to call him, he sounded normal. He’s like my big brother and I’m glad that I know him from close quarters .”


MS Dhoni also lauded Yuvraj Singh, he said: “It was not an emotional decision. Yuvraj’s a fighter and he has shown that he can take any challenge head-on,”

His story is not ordinary. It’s inspiring and very moving. Here’s wishing Yuvraj Singh a very happy birthday. May God bless our Yuvi with good health and long life.

Unnati Madan

I love watching cricket but writing about it came unexpectedly.

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