Players Who Have Scored The Most Runs In Each Over Of IPL So Far

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While the fate of a red-ball game is lateral to time, 50-over games are usually played in phases. It is only in the T20 format that each over has a story to tell. Each over can influence a game in a remarkably drastic way. In this article, we talk about the player who has scored the most runs in each over of IPL so far.

In recent years, we have seen batsmen being given over-specific roles within an XI. While the responsibility of an opener has been present for a long time, attention is now being given to middle-over aggressors and death-over batting specialists as well. Considering all the thirteen seasons so far, here is the list of player who has scored the most runs in each over of IPL.

Overs 1 to 5

  • 1st over – David Warner (389 runs)
  • 2nd over – Shikhar Dhawan (484 runs)
  • 3rd over – Shikhar Dhawan (538 runs)
  • 4thover – Shikhar Dhawan (442 runs)
  • 5th over – David Warner (466 runs)

The first five overs of the innings definitely would belong to the openers. Hence, we have Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner dominating this phase of the game. Both the left-handers look to score runs, and hence, their positions do not come as a surprise.

Warner is someone who looks to go from the very first ball, and therefore, he is naturally the highest run-scorer in the first over. Dhawan takes few risks but does not waste upon the loose deliveries. Therefore, he has also scored well in this segment.

Overs 6 to 10

Players Who Have Scored The Most Runs In Each Over Of IPL So Far

  • 6th over – David Warner (389 runs)
  • 7th over – Suresh Raina (484 runs)
  • 8th over – Suresh Raina (538 runs)
  • 9th over – Suresh Raina (442 runs)
  • 10th over – Suresh Raina (466 runs)

The final over of the powerplay is usually when a player tries to go berserk. Especially if a guy like Warner is at the crease, he does not let go without scoring the maximum runs in this over.

The rest of the four overs belong to Suresh Raina. Barring one season, Raina has batted at No.3 in almost every game that he played for his franchise. Although those who come at No.3 are conservative, Raina is from a different breed. He takes on the bowler, and therefore, he is the player to have scored maximum runs here.

Overs 11 to 15

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  • 11th over – Suresh Raina (389 runs)
  • 12th over – Virat Kohli (484 runs)
  • 13th over – Virat Kohli (538 runs)
  • 14thover – Dinesh Karthik (442 runs)
  • 15th over – MS Dhoni (466 runs)

Virat Kohli usually takes a few balls to settle before he starts playing his shots. Hence, it is at this time that he really arrives in the groove. Therefore, he takes the honours in this phase.

Suresh Raina and Dinesh Karthik have been middle-order regulars for every team they have played. While they also feature here, MS Dhoni holds the record in the 15th over, the time that he usually starts warming up for the explosive climax.

Overs 16 to 20

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  • 16th over – MS Dhoni (389 runs)
  • 17th over – MS Dhoni (484 runs)
  • 18th over – MS Dhoni (538 runs)
  • 19thover – MS Dhoni (442 runs)
  • 20th over – MS Dhoni (466 runs)

It is MS Dhoni who is the destructor at the death from the first edition of IPL. Although he has tapered off a little now, yet, he owns the record even now. This shows the kind of impact that MSD has had during the death overs in IPL.

MS Dhoni’s strategy involves taking the game to the death and then going for the kill. For this, he needs to be on the mark in the final overs and the CSK skipper had the skills to do that. Hence, he features in this list. With the top run-scorer in six overs, the ‘Captain Cool’ stands at the top of this list of players who have scored the most runs in each over of IPL.