Video: PM Narendra Modi Asks Virat Kohli If He Misses Chole Bhature

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The Indian captain Virat Kohli had a wonderful interaction with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in a virtual meet where the Prime Minister was talking to some of the athletes and the fitness enthusiasts of other fields in order to promote the Fit Indian Movement.
Video: PM Narendra Modi Asks Virat Kohli If He Misses Chole Bhature
Everyone is aware of the fact that Virat Kohli had to make a lot of sacrifices in terms of his diet to achieve the kind of fitness that he has achieved and the Prime Minister joked about it in the meet as he said Virat’s dedication towards his fitness must have caused great loss to Chole Bhature sellers in Delhi.
Virat Kohli himself, in one of his interviews, had said that he was very fond of Chole Bhature and used to eat it a lot before he eventually decided that he had to let go of some of his eating habits in order to become a better athlete and a better cricketer.
Virat made his decision in 2012 and his physical transformation ever since has been phenomenal. In the past, the Indian cricketers were often appreciated for their skills, but not necessarily for their supreme fitness, however, Virat brought that cultural change in the Indian set-up with his emphasis on physical fitness.
Most of the Indian cricketers these days, barring a few, are among the fittest cricketers in the world which is also one of the main reasons why India is a top fielding side as the cricketers because of their fitness have got quicker across the turf.
The virtual meet that Virat attended today saw the attendance of some other celebrities as well including the model and the actor Milind Soman who is in his late 40s now, but because of his supreme fitness, he looks significantly younger than his age.
Prime Minister jokingly asked Milind Soman, “Are you really that old?”