T20 World Cup 2022 : 3 Reasons Why KL Rahul Should Be Dropped From The Indian Team

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T20 World Cup 2022 : 3 Reasons Why KL Rahul Should Be Dropped From The Indian Team

3 Reasons Why KL Rahul Should Be Dropped From The Indian Team

The T20 World Cup has seen India dishing out two impeccable displays where they edged past Pakistan and swept the Netherlands comfortably. However, in all the glitz and glam, if there was one flaw that didn’t avoid anyone’s eyes is the failure of KL Rahul.

The hard-hitting opener has somehow failed to hit his stride in the ongoing extravaganza while the lack of a solid opening partnership has somehow jeopardized India’s ship on both occasions. The fans and experts aren’t happy at all with what KL Rahul had to deliver and has already provided their verdicts.

Here are three reasons why KL Rahul should be dropped against South Africa:

That Could Be One Of The Reasons": Ex-India Star On KL Rahul's Struggles In  T20 WC | Cricket News

#1 Totally clueless of his role

An opener in a T20 contest is usually tasked with the job of hammering the bowlers, exploiting the fielding restrictions. Falling while trying to attack is understandable but in both the contests, he started on a very meek note and fell woefully, underlining India’s problems at the start. To make matters easy, Rohit can go big which also provides him the width to settle down. However, he is just clueless about his role and the kind of expectations that is expected from him.

#2 Has been on the defensive foot

KL Rahul has not got his shots right and that has highly impacted his batting in the tournament. He is always on the retreat and things aren’t as good as it seems for the hard-hitter. His strength is to open his arms and play those big strikes which perfectly conforms to the Indian approach of “go hard”. However, somehow, Rahul has been extremely on the back foot and there is very little that he has managed in recent times with his new brand of defensive stance.

#3 Adding too much to the plate of the Indian middle-order

The Indian middle-order has so far been phenomenal in the tournament and somehow the failure of the top-order has been pretty exerting for them. They have missed out on scoring even better as Virat Kohli and whoever follows is more focused on building the innings rather than projecting a platform for a breezy finish. Also, the fall of Rahul is totally taking away the advantage that India can savor in the powerplay, especially in the big grounds, where once the field spreads, batting becomes extremely difficult.