5 Reasons Why Rohit Sharma Needs To Find An Alternative For Bhuvneshwar Kumar In The 19th Over

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5 Reasons Why Rohit Sharma Needs To Find An Alternative For Bhuvneshwar Kumar In The 19th Over

Rohit Sharma

India was totally outplayed in the opener in the series opener against Australia as the T20 World Champions clinched the contest with some triumphant batting despite a wobble in the middle. If dissected, multiple reasons would be opening up attributing to India’s cause but if we focus on the immediate reason then that would be a recurring theme from the recently concluded Asia Cup and it is none other than a poor 19th over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

One of India’s most seasoned campaigner, Bhuvi was seen being tossed around for fun in the curtain raiser and by the time he was done with his quota of 4 overs, he had almost personally tipped Australia to the gates of a win. In what seems like a simple answer, this is for the third time in the last four games, Bhuvi has botched up things in an over where he is supposed to be the saviour. Here are five reasons why Rohit needs to bring in a change in the 19th over.

#1 You cannot afford to go slow in the death overs

In very rare occasions have the gambles to bring slower bowlers in the last three overs of a game worked out. Kumar bowls at around 130 to 135 clicks. Now imagine bowling yorkers at those reduced speeds. It is like inviting a batter to walk out in the middle and smash you out of the park. The reason is simple. When you bowl the yorker, it is nothing but a tossed up peach for the one at the other end.

Rohit Sharma Bhuvi
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#2 Bhuvi’s strength was always in the powerplay and if you extend it a bit may be in the middle overs

Kumar is always known for his varying lengths and movement that is best produced when the ball is new and the early overs of a contest. Now as soon as the ball starts getting old, the swing stops and the pitch starts reducing the movement that makes life difficult for Bhuvi. Add to that the slower deliveries and life becomes a challenge.

#3 Too many extras

The 19th over is anyway a tough one for any bowler to bowl and when it comes to that, you simply cannot afford to leak easy runs. In an attempt to bowl the wide yorkers, Bhuvi is conceding the deliveries that are wildly outside the tramlines. Now where one run can cost you an entire world cup, imagine gifting two to three free runs.

#4 Lack of confidence

Trying to bowl that wide yorker in most occasions is a clear indicator of the fact that one is not confident of the lingering line and lengths that is being belted out during those final overs. By the time he is getting back to bowling in the line of stumps, the batters can sense his desperation and what follows is a wild swing of the willow and the runs keep on flowing.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
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#5 Miscued execution

Somehow whatever the Indian fast bowler has tried hasn’t been on point. Now when you are bowling in the death, what does matter is that you produce accuracy and Bhuvi has been wildly off his expected line and lengths. As a consequence he has been sprayed to the ropes countless times and this would continue if Sharma doesn’t find an alternative.