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5 Times Indian Cricketers Abused On The Field

5 Times When Indian Cricketers Abused On The Field, Includes MS DHONI Also!

Things get heated in the middle when there’s plenty at stake. It wouldn’t be incorrect to assume that perhaps every player at some point has abused and lashed out at themselves or their own teammates in the mood of anger and frustration.

The ups and downs, the wins and losses, the nervy and important moments of the game bring out the various kinds of emotions from the players.

So it’s not an uncommon scene when a player uses some form of expletives to express their feeling when they are trying to win the game for their team, be it domestic, franchise, or country.

Also, given that the Indian abuses not get as much reprimanded by the ICC as the f’s thrown out by English-speaking players, the Indian players are frequently heard yelling out slurs on the field.

We picked up 5 famous instances of Indian players abusing on the field:

Virat Kohli

No Indian player has ever been videoed speaking as much abuses as Virat Kohli. The Delhi lad is always at his fiery, passionate, and competitive best when he’s on the field, trying to gain every little inch through any means.

The former India skipper was mocked and laughed at by the foreign media and fans of his own country as well for his aggressive demeanor when India fielded in Test cricket. But Kohli didn’t care and went about his business. Eventually, everyone gave in and accepted King Kohli for who he is and what he brings to the table.

A middle-finger to the Australian crowd on his first trip down under, or a young brash Kohli telling Rubel Hossain to go back to bowl while also paying respects to the bowler’s mother; to even going head to head with senior India teammate Gautam Gambhir in the IPL. And the “shaam tak khelenge toh unki g*** phat jaayegi” motivation line to Murali Vijay in the middle of a Test match in South Africa.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma had a funny way of letting his batting partner Cheteshwar Pujara know that he wasn’t impressed by his slow running between the wickets. During a Test vs South Africa, Rohit tapped the ball for a quick single, but the unhurried Pujara stayed put.

Rohit was heard screaming ‘Puji bhag bhen***d’ and was caught on the stump mics.

MS Dhoni!

Even MS Dhoni? Yes. The ever-calm and composed former India skipper MS Dhoni also lost his cool at times. Almost always, he maintained to keep his anger to himself, and was rarely caught displaying emotions on camera.

However, once, during a T20I in South Africa, MS Dhoni was unhappy with non-striker Manish Pandey for not paying attention to Dhoni. And then Dhoni let his tongue rip, giving a stern rebuke to Pandey.

"Oye! Bhos**** Idhar dekh le. Udhar kya dekh raha hai?" Dhoni lashed out to Pandey.

Hardik Pandya

#HardikAbusedRohit was trending during one of India’s matches in England in 2022. Netizens believed that Pandya, the all-rounder who had emerged as a captaincy candidate to take over from Rohit, disrespected Rohit’s captaincy and field placing decision and said that fielder to listen to him when he’s bowling and not take orders from Sharma.

“Mere time merepe dekho, maa ****** gaya woh [Rohit]” [Listen to me in my over, abuses Rohit then].

In the moment of heat and being upset, what Pandya perhaps didn’t realized that his vulgan and offensive remarks toward the skipper and his family was being caught on the stump mic and heard by the fans.

Ishant Sharma

Bowling in SENA countries prior to the Virat Kohli era was the most arduous task for an Indian bowler. Toiling in the field for hours and the home batters making hay made the Indian bowlers frustrated like nothing else.

In one of those many occasions, tired of seeing Brendon McCullum score and not get out for hours, Ishant Sharma, another Delhi lad, held no restraints on his abusive language.