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VIDEO: Michael Clarke Accused Of Cheating On His Girlfriend


Australia’s 2015 World Cup winning skipper, Michael Clarke, has landed in hot waters in a family dispute with his girlfriend Jade where she has accused the Clarke of cheating on her with his ex-lover Pip Edwards. The family drama played out horribly in front of viewers in a park in Noosa with Clarke half naked and also being slapped and hit by Jade.

The footage of the duo shocked the fans and the cricket world as it went viral on Wednesday night.

Michael Clarke accused of cheating by girlfriend Jade with ex Pip Edwards

Clarke kept pleading, even swearing on his daughter’s life, and explaining to Jade that he’d not slept with his ex, but Jade asserted she had herself confirmed of Clarke’s affair, leading to a dramatic episode in front of onlookers in the late-night fight. Jade yelled that Clarke had been in a sexual act with Edwards on December 17, but the Aussie star denied those allegations.

"I'm wrong? I'm f****ng wrong! You're a f***ing liar. I can see everything. You called her," Jade shouted amid holding her tears, referring to messages between Clarke and Edwards.

“I swear on my life.., It’s not true. I swear on my daughter’s life, on my daughter’s life,” the multiple-time Ashes-winning cricketer pled in front of his girlfriend. "Baby you're wrong, you're wrong," Clarke insisted. "Baby, baby, Belly was at the house. I swear on my life, I swear on my life... That's not true, it's not true."

Karl Stefanovic and Clarke and their respective partners, sisters Jasmine and Jade, were all four together holidaying on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast on January 10. The fight was about Jade accusing Clarke of having had sex with his ex-girlfriend, the high profile fashion designer Pip Edwards last month, and she also yelled something about the recent messages between the pair.

The Daily Telegraph got hold of the footage of this incident, captured by someone in the park, and the publication made it viral. Jade continued to scream and even physically hit Clarke, who can be seen shirtless in the video.

Yeah, we have got the video for you. Here:


It has also been learned through a report in dailymail.co.uk, that the police are investigating “the stunning confrontation” between Clarke and Jade.

“Queensland Police are investigating an incident between a 30-year-old woman and 41-year-old man depicted in footage at Lions Park on Gympie Terrace in Noosaville earlier this month,” police said.

And it seems like either Pip Edwards is enjoying this row between Clarke and Jade or is totally unaware of it: Edwards posted a steamy mirror selfie the same day Jade accused Clarke of cheating on her with Edwards. The 42-year-old designer must have had a ball at the denim-themed party (no pun intended).

The former Australian Test cricket captain was married to ex-model Kyly, 40, from 2012 until 2019, but the couple didn't announce their separation until February 2020. He had already started dating Edwards before the divorce was announced. The couple had split after dating for a while before Clarke started dating Jade.