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Watch: Virat Kohli’s Funny Reaction After Hardik Pandya Accidentally Hits Him With Elbow


A previously unseen video footage from the India-Sri Lanka ODI series has gone viral recently which has even made some of the fans think - after reading some clickbait, misguiding headlines - that there could be a rift between two of India’s biggest superstar cricketers - Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli - after Pandya shook off Kohli accidentally with his elbow.

Based on this video, which is now doing rounds on social media, many fans and news portals even raised the question whether there are any issues between the former skipper, Kohli, and the likely to-be skipper, Pandya.

There is no rift between Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli

In the video footage, Hardik Pandya is seen celebrating after taking a wicket with his teammates. He first high-fives Virat Kohli and then proceeds to high-five the rest of his teammates. But accidentally, Pandya’s elbow hits Kohli on his head and even Pandya doesn’t realise it initially because his focus is on the high-fives with other players.

Virat Kohli dons a funny face and raises his right hand as to indicate to Pandya that he’s been hit by his elbow ACCIDENTALLY, to make it clear for everyone.

You can watch the video here, and confirm that Hardik Pandya unintentionally hit Kohli’s head:

Hardik Pandya's reputation as a bad boy, a cocky - all presumed only on some of his interviews and his past antics - didn't help when fans slammed him for this incident. Some even claimed that Pandya is trying to assert his authority as the next-in-line captain. But, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Anyway, Team India players continue to work together and work hard for their ultimate goal: winning the 2023 World Cup at home. After thrashing Sri Lanka 3-0 in the ODI series, India started off on a winning note against New Zealand, beating the Kiwis by 12 runs in Hyderabad on the back of Shubman Gill's double century.