Adam Zampa Reveals Why Virat Kohli Is Not What You See On The Field

Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper, is one of the best cricketers around the world. He is regarded as a role-model and an inspiration by millions of youngsters out there. Besides his amazing skills, it is his personality that never fails to win our hearts.

Recently, during an interview, Virat’s RCB teamate Adam Zampa revealed a heart-touching incident about how the RCB skipper Virat Kohli made his first day in this year’s Indian Premier League with Royal Challengers Bangalore special for him. Zampa, who was the last one to join the camp of RCB, received a message from none other than King Kohli. He said:

“It was the first day I arrived [and], he [Kohli] WhatsApped me, I didn’t have his number. He made it seem as if we had known each other forever,” 

Well, this was King Kohli’s way of welcoming Zampa to the IPL franchise. For the next few weeks, both Adam Zampa and Virat Kohli bonded over coffee, vegan food, and their travel interests. They even shared anecdotes over beers and sodas. He revealed:

He’s absolutely not what you see on the cricket field,” Zampa said. “He always brings his intensity to training and the game; he loves competition, and he hates losing as much as anyone. He probably shows it more than anyone. Once he’s off the park, he’s the most chilled guy. He’s watching YouTube clips on the bus, and he’ll laugh out loud.”

Adam further heaped praises on Virat Kohli’s personality and how he loves holding on to incidents and jokes. He revealed:

“There was a cricket clip recently from, it was a funny run out. He was laughing about it for three weeks straight. He loves holding onto jokes like that. He talks about coffee, travelling, food. He’s a really cultured guy. He’s good to talk to, good fun,” 

Meanwhile, Zampa and Kohli will be the best of opponents when their teams will be locking their horns in the upcoming bilateral series, which will kickstart on Friday.

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