Ben Stokes Nearly Ended His Life In A Hotel Room

England’s all-rounder and one of the best cricketers in the world, Ben Stokes has revealed that he almost choked on a tablet and thought it “might be the end” ahead of the Ashes.

Ben Stokes, who recently took an indefinite break from cricket and didn’t play in the ICC T20 World Cup to focus on his mental health, revealed that he couldn’t breath after after nearly choking on a tablet.

Stokes wrote a column in Daily Mail and shared this incident, without going too much into the details of the life-threatening incident. He didn’t mention where it happened but we are assuming that it must have happening in Australia, as the England team is presently touring Australia for the all-important Ashes series.

“It was actually down to a simple tablet that went down the wrong way, and got stuck in my windpipe causing me to choke horribly before the glands in my face went into overdrive to flush it out,” Ben Stokes wrote in the Daily Mirror.

Stokes wrote that until the tablet came out, he thought it would be the end of his life and he won’t be able to survive it.

“Until it actually came out, I thought this might be the end. We’ve all had those moments when something gets stuck in the throat, and usually someone can help you out.

Saying that he won’t like to get into too much detail, Ben Stokes said that he has never seen as much saliva as he did on nearly choking on a table.

“But I was on my own in my room and I couldn’t breathe as it became lodged and started to dissolve. It felt like my mouth was on fire.” “Without going into too much detail I have never seen as much saliva as I did on Sunday morning, it was a genuinely frightening experience,” Ben Stokes added.

However, the good thing is that it will have no impact on his preparations for the Ashes. The first match of the Ashes will start from 8th December in Brisbane.

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