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Fans Gave Mixed Reactions To Adam Zampa’s Mankading In BBL

Fans Gave Mixed Reactions To Adam Zampa’s Mankading In BBL

Melbourne Stars captain and leg-spinner Adam Zampa sparked the Mankad - running the non-striker out who is backing up too far - controversy after his failed attempt to run out Tom Rogers of Melbourne Renegades on Tuesday in the BBL at the MCG.

While in his run-up to deliver the penultimate delivery of Renegades’ batting innings to striker Mackenzie Harvey, Zampa had turned his arm over before stopping and whipping the bails off with Rogers, the non-striker, out of his crease. Zampa thought he had Rogers out but the on-field umpire had seen Zampa roll his arm over, and the same was confirmed by the third umpire, which meant that the run-out was invalid.

The rule is that once the bowler’s arm has passed the point at which he is normally expected to release the ball, or the highest point in the delivery action, the non-striker can leave the crease without worrying about being run out.

“The non-striker can be run out if he/she is out of his/her ground up until the moment the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball. That means when the arm gets to its highest point. The bowler is *not* entitled to go all the way around in the bowling action and then run the non-striker out,” the MCC said later in a tweet.

The replays confirmed that Zampa's bowling arm had reached the highest point, and crossed it, before he stopped, turned around, and took the bails off, and hence Rogers was given not out. 

This created quite a furor over social media, as all the past run-out or attempts of it at the non-striker's end have done. The general public who accept the law - including Australia Test batter Joe Burns - sided with Zampa, while the other "spirit of cricket" section criticized the leg-spinner.

Here are the different reactions to Adam Zampa's mankad attempt: