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Here's How Ishan Kishan Survived A Long Suspension

Here's How Ishan Kishan Survived A Long Suspension

India’s wicket-keeper for the ongoing ODI series against New Zealand, Ishan Kishan, could have copped a hefty penalty and match suspension for his action in the Hyderabad ODI. But the youngster was left with no fines after he duped everyone, including the umpires, lulling them to go upstairs and waste everyone’s time.

In the first ODI of the series in Hyderabad, where Shubman Gill slammed a double century, Ishan Kishan did a funky act by removing the bail himself after Tom Latham had played a backfoot shot and appealed for Latham’s wicket.

The umpires and everyone thought that Kishan was appealing for a hit-wicket of Latham. The leg-umpire then decided to have it checked out with the third umpire. But on just one reply, it was revealed that Kishan himself had dislodged the bail with his hands!

While the fans and perhaps even his teammates found Kishan’s act cheeky and comical, the wicket-keeper didn’t amuse the New Zealand group. For trying to deceive the umpires, and, importantly, wasting the time in the game, Kishan could have been suspended for a number of matches.

Cricket video Tamil News: Ishan Kishan draws flak for fake appeal against  Tom Latham – IND vs

Under the ICC’s Code of Conduct, Kishan could have been charged with a Level 3 offence of ‘attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the match.’ Fortunately, for the 24-year-old, no action was taken, as the on-field umpires Anil Chaudhary and Nitin Menon and the New Zealand staff didn’t register any complaint.

But, match referee Javagal Srinath did speak to Kishan about this incident and also had a word with Indian captain Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid about the same.

Ishan Kishan tried to take revenge on Tom Latham

This act by Kishan was certainly in response to a similar act - though not confirmed intentional or not - by Latham with Pandya’s dismissal earlier in the game. Earlier in the game, Pandya had missed a ball from Daryl Mitchell, which Latham claimed had bowled Pandya. However, on replays it was a tight call as the ball seemed to be above the bails and in fact, it felt that Latham’s glove dislodged the bail.

Pandya was given out by the third umpire as bowled. So Kishan was trying to have a sort of revenge on Latham, but it didn’t go down that well.

India, meanwhile, have cleaned up yet another home series with a 2-0 lead. The third ODI will be played in Indore on Tuesday.