Ravi Ashwin Gave A Brilliant Reply To A Fan Who Tried To Troll Him Using Glenn McGrath’s Reply

Last year, during the IPL 2019, Kings XI Punjab’s skipper Ravichandran Ashwin created a stir in the cricketing world, when he mankaded Jos Buttle. The mankading incident riled up various cricketers and fans worldwide and the skipper received criticism from all the corners.

Well, for the unversed, it was during IPL 2019 when Ravichandran Ashwin had run out Buttler at the non-striker’s end after noticing that Joss Buttler was a few inches ahead of the crease. The Mankading incident created a stir on social media. From cricketers to cricket pundits, everyone had different opinions on this matter.

Though it has been more than a year to the mankading incident, but the debate seems to be never-ending. However, Ravichandran Ashwin, who is known for handling the situation with cool, has unperturbed nowadays and always makes it a point to respond to the criticism on Twitter. And recently, he was at it again.

Well, recently, a twitter user with the username ‘@azkhawaja1’ shared a picture and tried to seek the attention of Ashwin on mankading. In the picture, an excerpt from the interview of the former Australia pacer Glenn McGrath is written where he had talked about Mankading.

McGrath was asked if he will consider mankading if their team needs only 2 runs to win and you have the last wicket. To which McGrath said no.

Here, check out the Tweet:

The tweet soon caught the attention of Ravichandran Ashwin, who gave a savage response to the twitter user. In his reply, Ashwin hailed McGrath and called him the ‘greates bowler’ however, he remained stuck to his opinion. He wrote:

“Dear sir, Glenn McGrath is one of the greatest bowlers to have played the game and I greatly respect his answer for the question but to tell me that it’s the only right answer is wrong on your part,”

Here, check out the reply of Ravichandran Ashwin:

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