Video: Rishabh Pant Smashed Adil Rashid With A Stunning Helicopter Shot

The third and final ODI match between India and England is currently going on in full swing. So far, the match has been an open-ended contest. However, one of the moments that caught everyone’s attention was a stunning shot that came from Rishabh Pant’s bat.


Pant stole all the limelight with his helicopter shot. While Adil Rashid did put all the pressure on the Indians by getting the well-settled Indian openers Shikhar and Rohit back to the dressing room.

However, Rishabh Pant soaked in all the pressure and gave a terrific performance. He walked out to bat with all-guns-blazing and smashed some outrageous shot from the first ball itself. One of the terrific shots came in the first ball of 23rd over by spinner Adil Rashid.

Adil bowled a leg-break to the batsman however he was left in shock after Pant smashed him deep and closed his bat early to pull off a stunning helicopter shot and push the ball towards the boundary line. The ball almost traveled to the fence however Pant has to settle for four runs. Virat promoted Pant to number 4 to counter the spin duo of Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali and made the most of the opportunity.

The video of the same has been going viral on social media and has left everyone in awe of Pant’s brilliance.

Here, watch the video:



Meanwhile, fans were delighted after watching the fearless batsmen pulling out another stunning shot. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

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