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VVS Laxman Hailed Real Hero 'Sushil Kumar' Who Saved Rishabh Pant

VVS Laxman Hailed Real Hero 'Sushil Kumar' Who Saved Rishabh Pant

Former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman hailed bus driver Sushil Kumar who rescued Indian keeper-batter Rishabh Pant after his car rammed into a road divider. Pant was taken to the hospital after he narrowly avoided a terrible car accident in the early hours of December 30. 

It has emerged that the bus driver Susheel was the first one to reach the scene. The star cricketer was extracted from the car, according to bus driver Sushil, who stopped his bus, which was on the other side of the road, and immediately came to Pant's help. Sushil recognized that the renowned cricketer is Rishabh Pant and stated that he was severely hurt and limping because of the accident. Sushil ran to the burning car to rescue Rishabh by smashing the window.

Face was covered in blood, clothes torn': Eye-witness who rescued Rishabh  Pant | Cricket - Hindustan Times

When Sushil spotted Pant's car colliding with the divider, Sushil Kumar stated he was coming from the Haridwar side and Rishabh from the Delhi side and he stopped his car to rescue the Indian cricketer. As per reports, Pant's vehicle crashed through the roadblock and skidded for around 200 meters. The bus driver revealed: 

"I am a driver with Haryana Roadways, Panipat depot. Our bus has left Haridwar at 4:25 in the morning. I was on my way when I saw a car, being driven at a lot of speed, got disbalanced and crashed into the divider. After the impact, the car landed on the wrong side of the road - the one that goes to Delhi. The car had screeched onto the second lane of the road seeing which I immediately applied the brakes. The car had already caught sparks so I and the conductor rushed to get him out of the car. By then the fire has started. Then, three more people came running and got him on a safe side," 

He added: "We began to cry for help but no one came. I called the National Highway, no one answered. Then I ran up the police and the conductor called for an ambulance. We kept asking him he is he fine. Offered him some water. After regrouping, he told us he is Rishabh Pant. I don't follow cricket so I didn't know who he was but my conductor then told me 'Sushil... he is an India cricketer',"

The driver also revealed that when they met Rishabh, he had no clothes on and his face was completely covered in blood. He said: "He gave us his mother's number. We called her but her phone was switched off. The ambulance arrived after 15 minutes and we got in him. I asked him if he was alone in the car. He said there is no one. His face was covered in blood and his clothes torn and his back was scratched. He was panicking and limping,"  

VVS Laxman hailed Sushil Kumar

Meanwhile, social media was buzzing all day with tweets and posts, wishing for the speedy recovery of the Indian keeper-batter. From cricketers, and celebrities to fans, everyone is taking to social media and sending their blessings to the young talent of India.

Among many, former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman took to his social media to salute the real hero - Sushil Kumar who saved Rishabh Pant right on time and called the ambulance. He wrote:

"Gratitude to #SushilKumar ,a Haryana Roadways driver who took #RishabhPant away from the burning car, wrapped him with a bedsheet and called the ambulance. We are very indebted to you for your selfless service, Sushil ji 🙏 #RealHero"

Check out the Tweet: