Here’s The Reason Why Ben Stokes’ No-Balls Went Unnoticed

The Ashes 2021-22: A shocking moment happened in the ongoing Ashes Test match when England’s al-rounder Ben Stokes bowled 14 no-balls and only one was detected by the third-umpire. Ben Stokes, who is making a comeback to cricket after a long personal break, bowled 14 massive no-balls in 5 overs, but only one got noticed that too when David Warner got bowled out, as protocol dictates all wickets must be checked by TV cameras, which is a slower process.

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These shocking details have created a huge controversy and fans and cricket experts across the world have showed their anger and disappointment. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting also expressed his anger at what happened at the Gabba while talking to Channel 7 and said that it’s “pathetic” officiating.

“If someone upstairs is supposed to be checking these and they haven’t decided that any of those are a no-ball, that’s just pathetic officiating as far as I’m concerned,” said Ricky Ponting while speaking to Channel 7.

Expressing his utter disbelief at such a blunder in a series as important and as big as The Ashes, Ricky Ponting said that he is keen to hear from the official about the incident. Ponting also mentioned that had the tv umpire called the first no-ball, Ben Stokes would have been more careful and dragged his foot back.

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“It led to what we saw late in the over. If he’d have been called for a no-ball the first one he bowled, then of course he’s going to drag his foot back. I’m not sure what’s happened. I’m keen to hear why it hasn’t happened earlier,” he added.

But what exactly happened?

We know that the decision of spotting no-balls and calling them now lies in the hands of TV umpire and the on-field umpires are just informed about it. But, what happened before the start of the first Ashes Test match is the technology that’s provided to the ICC to enable (checking no-balls) went down.  It is shocking that a goof-up of such magnitude  has happened in the Ashes series.

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