Arshdeep Singh was called "Khalistani" on Twitter after he dropped a catch in the match against Pakistan

The truth about “Khalistan” and “Khalistani Arshdeep” trending on social media since Sunday night is unravelling quickly, and that this trend targeting the Indian pacer Arshdeep Singh has been filliped from Pakistan has been revealed.

Initially, many people thought that Indian fans were calling Arshdeep Singh "Khalistani"

While at first it was believed that it were the Indian fans who had been abusing Arshdeep Singh using “Khalistan”, now it is slowly getting to light that this agenda is mostly being surged from Pakistan.

But it was made clear that the entire campaign against Arshdeep Singh was operated from Pakistan.

Renowned Twitter user Monica Verma has now brought this matter to the public eye that this trend was started and mostly peddled from the Punjab region of Pakistan