3 Reasons Why Rohit Sharma Can Be A Game-Changer For Team India In The T20 World Cup

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Despite Rohit Sharma drifting in and out of runs ahead of the T20 World Cup, that has intensified the frown on the faces of many Indian fans, there are also multiple reasons to believe that he can be a real game-changer in the upcoming showpiece event slated to be played in late October, Down Under.

Rohit will be leading the Indian contingent for the biennial extravaganza and will be opening the innings for the Men in Blue. However, his recent form in the Asia Cup and the series against Australia has begged a few questions. Here are three reasons why Rohit Sharma is going to be a game-changer for the Indian outfit in Australia.

Rohit Sharma
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#1 One of the finest players of bounce

Australian tracks are known for their pace and bounce. Somehow, Rohit Sharma has made it a mission in his life to dispatch anything on his ribs or above his shoulders down to the fine or the square leg boundaries. He has aquiline reflexes that makes his turns sharp and neat pulls, that somehow places him above the cherry makes it easier for the Indian captain to smoke them across the ropes. In the ongoing series against Australia, despite a wobble in the opener, he showcased his grit in the second contest where India needed someone to stand and deliver. He took on towering fast bowlers like Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins and had no reservations whatsoever to hold back his punches.

#2 A big tournament player

Rohit has always managed to showcase his tenacity in crunch situations, may it be the 2019 World Cup or even may it be the latter stages of the 2021 T20 World Cup. He has a knack of bringing out his heavy artillery when his team needs him and he does it in the staunchest of fashions. He is also a firm enforcer for the Indian team given his knack to attack from the word go. If you want someone to cement India’s new mantra of go hard from ball one, it has to be your captain, Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma
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#3 A perfect powerplayer

It is imperative that you need someone to showcase the way when you are taking on your oppositions, especially on the Australian surfaces where it gets harder to bat as the game progresses. However, you need someone convincing to blaze the trail and the others follow suit. Rohit Sharma is one such powerplayer, who can get the wheels rolling and the rest of the team follows suit. If you as a bowler are unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end, well, let’s just say, you have earned yourself a front row seat to destruction.