3 Reasons Why Virender Sehwag Shouldn’t Be Appointed India Coach:

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The entire Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli saga seems to have taken Social media and the cricketing world by storm over the past few weeks. Kumble only recently put down his papers and stepped down as the coach of the Indian National team citing differences with Kohli and this has paved the way for many other players to put their name in the hat.

One of those players who has shown interest in becoming the coach is Virender Sehwag. Sehwag will have to face Sachin, Ganguly and Laxman, the specially appointed group who are designated with the job of selecting India’s next coach.  Sehwag, for all his talents as a player, does not warrant a strong enough case to make it to the hot seat. Here are a few reasons why:

He’s too inexperienced

Sehwag only retired from cricket a few years back and since then he has been dabbling various roles – he opened his school, is a commentator and also had his own little feature show on a leading digital media website. Sehwag has a lot of things going for him but he hasn’t shown enough to prove that he’s an Indian coach.

He is the mentor of the Kings XI Punjab team in the IPL team and has been helping youngsters improve their game in the shortest format. Sehwag will not make a good coach as yet because managing the international side is a whole different ball game.

There will be an ego clash for sure

3 Reasons Why Virender Sehwag Shouldn’t Be Appointed India Coach:

“Viru pa” is one player who does not mince his words. He has time and again rubbed some people the wrong way with his actions on Social Media. The Indian team has some senior players who have strong opinions over everything and it will not bode well for Sehwag if he takes up the role.

Kohli is not someone who likes being taken on and Kumble’s departure is the clearest sign of that. Sehwag and Kohli or even some of the other batsmen like Dhawan or Rohit might not take too kindly to some comments that Sehwag might put forth and things could turn bad.

Sehwag will not conform for sure

3 Reasons Why Virender Sehwag Shouldn’t Be Appointed India Coach:

Sehwag might bring a more relaxed atmosphere to the game but that does not mean Kohli and co. will take too kindly. Since the next coach will almost surely have to bow down to some of the players’ demands, Sehwag might find himself mired in controversy if the players do not listen to his methods.

The stark truth is that the Indian team do not want anyone who will raise opinions that may go against their way of thinking. Sehwag will have to keep all this in mind before he takes up the job and it will be interesting to see what happens if he does.