3 Times Shahid Afridi Exposed His Cheap Mindset Through His Statements

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You can hate him or like him, but you just can’t ignore Shahid Afridi. The former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is one of the most controversial cricketers, who is often seen making headlines with his controversial remarks.
Lately, he has been making a lot of news as he is being got heavily criticized for insulting PM Modi and the Indian army while talking about the Kashmir issue. In a viral video, Shahid Afridi can be heard insulting PM Modi by calling him a bigger disease than the Coronavirus. He says:
“I am in your beautiful village, I am very delighted. I was planning to visit you all for a long time. The world is currently infected by such a big disease. But the bigger disease is in Modi’s mind,”

But this isn’t the first time he has exposed his mentality, but there have been several instances when Shahid Afridi had exposed his cheap mindset with his comments.  It won’t be wrong to say that just like Shahid Afridi’s batting his taken on issues are equally senseless.
Here, we bring you three controversies where Shahid Afridi exposed his ‘cheap’ mindset by making sexist or bigotry remarks. Have a look:
3. Ruining Danish Kaneria’s cricketing career:
he former Pakistani spinner Danish Kaneria has been very vocal about the injustice down towards him from the past 5-6 months. It was last year when Shoaib Akhtar revealed how Danish Kaneria was discriminated on the basis of his religion. He even revealed how no one would sit and eat with him because he is a Hindu.
3 Times Shahid Afridi Exposed His Cheap Mindset Through His Statements
Later, Danish Kaneria also revealed and accused Shahid Afridi of misbehaving with him and discriminating him all through his career. Danish also went on to blame for his short-lived carer for Pakistan. Talking to PTI, Shahid Afridi revealed:
He was always against me, when we were playing for the same department in domestic cricket or playing me in ODIs. If one person is always against you and you are in that situation, what other reason would think other than that (religion),”
He added:
I could not play more ODIs because of him and he also treated me unfairly when we used to play for the same department (in domestic cricket), he was the captain. He used to keep me out of the side and often he would do the same in ODIs without any reason.”
2. Breaking TV after daughter performs ‘Arti’:
Shahid Afridi’s hatred and dislike-ness towards Hindus isn’t limited to only Danish Kaneria’s case only. In an interview, he made some shocking revelations by telling how he broke his television after he saw his daughters performing ‘arti’ while watching a show on Star Plus. He had said:
“I smashed my TV once, because of my wife. These daily soaps on Star Plus were quite popular back then. I had asked my wife to watch them alone and not with the kids. One day, I saw one of my daughters performing arti while watching a show on Star Plus. I, then, lost my cool and smashed the TV inside the wall”
1. Insulting women cricketers:
Like him or not, but he is a master at his game. Shahid Afridi is regarded as the GOAT of this game. Millions of people look up to him as their inspiration and role model, however, he is a prominent man in his country with no sense of responsibility.
As the world looks ahead for gender equality and women empowerment, Shahid Afridi,  is, sadly, a sexist. Time and again he has shocked everyone with his sexist remarks. In an interview with the ARY news channel in 2014, Shahid Afridi insulted women cricketers with a mean comment.
Well, Shahid Afridi was asked if he feels that women in Pakistan should be encouraged to play cricket. To which, Shahid Afridi said:
“Our women have great taste in their hands and they cook very tasty food”.

He also said that cricket is forbidden for his daughters. He revealed:
“They have my permission to play any sport as long as they’re indoors. Cricket? No, not for my girls. They have permission to play all the indoor games they want but my daughters are not going to be competing in public sporting activities. I’ve made this decision and their mother agrees with me. The feminists can say what they want,”