4 Sons Of Indian Cricketers Who Might Play For India Soon

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India has been blessed by a multitude of great players. Legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, etc. have graced the sport with their presence. While we cannot have them play on forever, we can look forward to the next best thing. There have been numerous instances where cricketers’ sons went on to become even better players than their fathers. With an eye firmly on the future, let’s take a look at 4 Indian cricketers’ sons who could make it big in the future.

#1. Arjun Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar)

Arjun Tendulkar has big, big shoes to fill. The talented cricketer’s father is considered by many as the ‘God of Cricket’. Those are huge footsteps to follow. However, that hasn’t deterred young Arjun, as he has forged his own path as a swashbuckling all-rounder. He is a fast bowler and made waves when he injured English batsman Johnny Bairstow’s toe with his delivery. With an equally better skill-set with the willow, only the sky seems to be the limit for this young man.

#2. Samit Dravid (Rahul Dravid)

4 Sons Of Indian Cricketers Who Might Play For India Soon

Samit Dravid is the son of the great Rahul Dravid. While he is extremely young, and it would be putting too much pressure to put on such young shoulders, he has shown potential beyond his age. He has scored two double centuries in the school stage itself, and is known for his explosive batting. He is also a decent bowler, and has many times single-handedly won the match for his team. We cannot wait to see the development of this young talent into an international sensation.

#3. Armaan Jaffer (Wasim Jaffer)

After U-23 triple ton, Armaan Jaffer included in Mumbai's Ranji ...

While many star kids become infamous by their antics, this talented youngster from Sangli has made the news for all the right reasons. The swashbuckling batsman slammed three consecutive double hundreds and thus averaged an incredible 223.75 in the Cooch Behar Trophy. He also played for Kings XI Punjab in the 2016 IPL. The 21-year-old has accomplished a lot in his novice career and shows no intention of stopping anytime soon.

#4. Aryan Bangar (Sanjay Bangar)

4 Sons Of Indian Cricketers Who Might Play For India Soon

Aryan Bangar is the talented son of Indian batting coach Sanjay Bangar. He recently made news when news broke that India’s bowling coach Bharat Arun was providing the batsman with tips. Aryan has shown a lot of promise, representing Puducherry in the National U-19s (Cooch Behar Trophy) and scoring 300 runs in five games. He registered a brilliant 150 and two half-centuries. He also picked up 20 wickets. Bangar currently plays junior-county cricket for for Leicestershire.