5 Biggest Contributions By Virat Kohli As India’s Test Captain

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When Virat Kohli called it a day as the Indian Test captain, India lost its brightest lodestar. Kohli paved the path for India’s resurrection from dust to the ace of the world at a time where India struggled desperately to stay on her feet, away from home.

In fact, such woeful was the condition that India couldn’t even complete five days of a Test match. They were bowing out in three to four days and the management was worried about the next probabilities that could change the fortunes of the game in India’s favour.

Dhoni stepped down from the mantle out of nowhere and India was left with only one choice to make and it was none other than India’s vice-captain, Virat Kohli, to lead the nation in the longest format of the game.

Things didn’t really go through a paradigm shift but changes started taking place. One step at a time and all those small steps came together in unison to build an empire that challenged the formidable SENA nations in their own den and put them to the torch.

All of this was made possible under the fearless leadership of one man. The man who completely redefined the portrait of Indian Test cricket, Virat Kohli. In this story, we will be taking a look at his finest achievements for India as the nation’s Test captain.

5 Biggest Contributions By Virat Kohli As India’s Test Captain

#1 Kohli helped India to the maiden edition of the WTC final

One may definitely argue that Kohli’s contributions to the fold weren’t exactly exemplifying as he couldn’t score a century after 2019. However, the man played a few crucial cameos and led India in a bunch of important contests. In fact, in the WTC final, Kohli played that stellar knock in the first innings that allowed the Indian bowling to fight back. He racked up important series wins as the captain of the side against West Indies, South Africa, Bangladesh Australia and England that propelled India to the Promised Land.

#2 Virat Kohli led the Indian team to their first series win Down Under

Kohli penned history Down Under when he helped India clinch their maiden Test series on Australian soil just before the entire world was rocked by a history-defining pandemic. India started the tournament on a fine note as their bowlers conjured an extraordinary showdown to derail the Aussies in the opening Test. However, the second Test saw the series being equalized after the hosts imposed a merciless showdown upon India. India pulled off a magical turnaround in the third Test as they romped over Australia emphatically in the third Test while they belted out a significant display in the final Test to script history.

#3 Virat Kohli finished the England series with a 2-1 lead in the latter’s backyard

It was under the captaincy of Virat Kohli that India secured a remarkable 2-1 lead over England with sublime wins at Lord’s and Oval that dented the spirits of the English cricket team. England managed to secure a win at Leeds and the final Test of the series was postponed due to a Covid scare and will be played alongside the T20s which are scheduled in the midway stage of 2022.

#4 Virat Kohli is the only Indian captain to win twice at three different overseas locations in Test cricket

As Kohli led India to wins at Lord’s, Oval and Centurion, this became a historical feat for Kohli after the Indian skipper helped his nation to win Tests at Johannesburg, Adelaide and Melbourne in 2018.

#5 Virat Kohli is the only Asian captain to win a Test at Centurion

Virat Kohli became the only Indian captain to win a Test as an Asian captain at the Centurion after India bested the hosts with a phenomenal display in the opening Test of the series. He is also the third captain in the world to rack up this feat after England’s Nasser Hussain in 2000 and Australia’s Michael Clark in 2014.

#6 Kohli led India to the top of the Test rankings for 42 months at a stretch

Owing to the illustrious wins away from home, India was at the top of the points table for a staggering 42 months that spanned from October 2016 to the wee days of March 2020.

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