5 Cricketers Who Were Publicly Shamed By Women On Social Media

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Fame is an extremely tricky thing if you do not know how to handle it in the most adept ways. Like the way it can place you on the mantle, it can similarly dethrone you in the most unforgivable ways possible.

Controversies can rake your world upside down if you are famous. That is why it is even more important to maintain a healthy line of demarcation which will keep you afloat and will also not make infringements into your personal life.

We will look at five cricketers who rose to prominence due to their exceptional performances for sure but also hogged the limelight after being exposed by girls due to either obscene texts or massive controversies that spilled out of control.

1. Mohammad Shami

Currently one of India’s best fast-bowling options, Shami hasn’t been doing great in terms of personal life as there has been a vehement spillage of his personal gulf with his wife on social media.

This, however, was preceded by an infamous incident, where he got himself enmeshed while texting a fan of his called Sophia. After Shami’s advancement without the girl’s due consent, the fast bowler landed in a good deal of trouble as the girl took to social media to divulge unpopular opinions about Shami. This case fizzled out due to a lack of concrete evidence.

2. Monty Panesar

A very dicey spinner to deal with, Panesar was a good option for England to allow a good deal of rest to their other spinning options. His life turned upside down after his divorce where he was also publicly humiliated for taking a leak in a public place.

Further ado began when his desire to have an American woman in his room flashed like wildfire.

3. Imam Ul Haq

5 Cricketers Who Were Publicly Shamed By Women On Social Media

Pakistani batsman, Imam got called out publicly due to his untoward and sexually explicit messages to a girl.

Apparently, in the aforementioned WhatsApp chat, he wanted to garner a few earthly pleasures through his tones that later got him penalized.

4. Shane Warne

Deemed as the king of spin bowling and also the king of controversies and debates in the cricketing circuit, Warne could never live sans a controversy in his life.

The trouble deepened further as a 24-year-old girl publicly brought out the notorious messages sent by Warnie to her.

He was also involved in multiple sex scandals.

5. Yuzvendra Chahal

Currently one of India’s spinning elites, Yuzvendra Chahal startled everyone as he wanted to initiate a conversation with a typical playboy tone that said, “Nice One”.

However, things got nasty as Yuzvendra Chahal was brought out to the public for his text as the lady was startled to see that someone with such a big follower base can actually drop in a text, appreciating her beauty.

NOTE: This article is based purely on the incidents that broke out on social media. We, at The Cricket Lounge, don’t endorse the views of women shared in the post above.